The Foundation

Social Solidarity Foundation

Founded on February 15, 1993, by the Evangelical Baptist Church of Braga,the Bomfim Foundation is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS),of private law and public utility status.


With the awareness of assuming himself as a minority actor in a global society, it is proposed to fulfill the mission of serving everyone, especially the most unprotected and in a situation of exclusion, without any kind of discrimination, in the defense of the fundamental rights of the person and the family, in a perspective of development of those who care and are cared for!


Promote the full development of people of all ages, especially the most unprotected
and excluded from society, through actions of a social, cultural, educational, spiritual and artistic character.


First the Person, Family, Solidarity, Cooperation, Voluntarism, Relationship, Recognition and Involvement.


Non-Governmental Development Organisation (NGO)

Bomfim Foundation assumes as a fundamental dimension of its activity the promotion of solidarity actions in developing countries and the dissemination of their realities. In this desire, it is concerned to contribute to cooperation between peoples, the fight against poverty and promote education with a view to promoting citizenship, essential for the integral development of societies and the strengthening of intercultural dialogue.

Bomfim Conservatory

Private and Cooperative Education Establishment

Under the Tutelage of Bomfim Foundation, Bomfim Conservatory is an establishment of specialized artistic education in music, recognized by the Ministry of Education, which has more than 1000 students in Braga, Oporto and Lisbon. Headquartered in award-winning facilities, designed by the renowned architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, its institutional partners are the Braga City Council, the Minho University and the Portuguese Museum Institute.

Governing Bodies



André Filipe Oliveira Vieira

Vice president

José Soares Barbosa


Eliseu Augusto Lopes Vieira

Daniel Alexandre de Jesus Figueira Cavaco de Almeida


António Gonçalves

Maria da Luz de Almeida Duarte

José da Ponte e Almeida



Luís José Pinto


Maria Fernanda Aguiar Martins

Sergio Hélder da Costa Miranda Pereira



José Soares


Anabela e Pais da Cunha e Costa Pereira

Jónatas Varzielas Pego


Alfredo José Bernardo Abreu

Américo Reinaldo

António Homem de Gouveia

Cláudio Silva

Jan Peter Karst

José Cruz

José Franco

José Manuel Fernandes

Mauro Prado

Rosa Maria Simões