Green Mobility at the Service of SAD

The Braga and Guimarães Home Support Services were awarded two 100% electric vehicles under the Social Green Mobility Program, Component 03 – Social Responses, in investment RE-C03-i01 – New Generation of Equipment and Social Responses, of the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR). This program to support the purchase of new

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Bomfim Newsletter Nº57 – October to December

BOMFIM NEWSLETTER Nº57 For the autumn/winter edition of 2021 we have prepared for you several good suggestions to support the Minilares Bomfim. This project is at the heart of the Bomfim Foundation, so all the funds and assets raised in each of these initiatives will be wisely applied to the

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SAVE THE DATE | GivingTuesday

On November 30, support the Minilares Bomfim. Think. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Fly? Maybe give or transform… Make you smile? Now imagine that we unite our superpowers to change the world together. Wow…! Can you imagine? : ) We have good news: the #GIVINGTUESDAY

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