“The Foundation has involved many people in its mission through volunteering. Volunteering is one of the simplest and most GENEROUS ways to practice citizenship. We believe that we can – and should – promote an alternative culture: the culture of generosity. Volunteering is like a gym to the mind and heart where we exercise our most sustaining and propelling existential muscles, which make us more humans and profound as people.”

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Volunteer member of the Advisory Board of Bomfim Foundation
Chairman of Board of Serve The City Portugal and International
Co-founder of Rock Association in Portugal

What our volunteers say

testemunho 1 Our heart felt the need to welcome and give without expecting anything in return, except the possibility of contributing to the growth and happiness of one of the Bomfim Foster Homes children. It has been a very enriching experience, even when in the beginning there was some difficulty in adapting. It has helped us grow as a family and create bonds of friendship, love and affection for someone we decided to put in our lives. Being a foster family has been opening our hearts beyond the doors, sharing moments of love and affection, and above all being able to "GIVE" a family, even a friendly one, to a child who doesn't have one because of life circumstances. Patrícia e Ângelo - Friendly Family testemunho 1 I once heard someone say : "Never gave who gave of his own without giving of himself." Vânia Monticelli - Volunteer testemunho 3 Volunteering at Bomfim Foundation is a unique experience. I give my time, knowledge and dedication, but I get so much more in return. I feel very cherished here and hope to continue sharing my time with everyone. Ana Sara Ferreira – Psychologist testemunho 2 When for the first time we received D. and V., two very close and peculiar siblings, they were 3 and 5 years old. I like to look back and realize how much we learned with these brothers, how much we were able to give them, the experiences that our children had, which otherwise they would hardly had, and how much we grew as human beings. These boys changed our lives by the way they accepted us and let us into their lives. I am glad to help these boys to find their place in the world. This is what being a Friendly Family is all about: having children born from the heart. Abigail & Hugo - Friendly Family testemunho 2 Volunteering has helped me grow both emotionally and intellectually. It is an experience that makes you feel fulfilled by providing services to people in need. Ângela Gonçalves – Student testemunho 2 What moves us to be a Friendly Family is the love of Jesus that we feel in our hearts. And that love is deep! We make a commitment to welcome the Bomfim Foster Homes's children, because in this way we help them to feel loved, accepted and safe within a family. Ours! Tabita e Roel - Friendly Family

Why is your help important?

  • We carry in our hearts the need of those in need

    And there is something in you that no one else can give!

  • We seek new paths

    With your help we can get further!

  • We want to reinvent ourselves every day

    We believe that your ideas bring a new energy!

  • We always believe in the power of a team

    And together we do much more and better!



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