Week of Affections

The Bomfim College was filled with colorful and creative hearts prepared by parents and children. In the air you breathe an environment of affection, gratitude and many… many Miminhos! If you haven’t noticed, stop! Look around you. Enjoy… and share Affections!

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The balance sheet of 2015 is very positive because we have been touched in countless ways by the generosity, commitment, affection and love of many people and companies. We thank the volunteers who support, care for and pamper the elderly who attend the Day Center on a daily basis. We

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Students visit

Yesterday the elderly had a very special surprise. The students of the 5th year of Paulo VI surprised us with a Christmas show full of talents! THANK YOU VERY much!!!!

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National Pajama Day

National Sleepover is almost here and we are all very excited… We have already told the Story of the Delicate Spider and made many spiders to remember that we can always be friends and delicate for everyone … even if we’re a spider! Kisses and thank you!

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Other ways to support


With your donation you will be strengthening hearts and multiplying the smiles of those we care for!