Outdoor school day!

Because the time that children spend playing outdoors is shorter and shorter, the Bomfim College has joined the challenge “Outdoor School Day”, launchedby skip brand and which aims to draw attention to the benefits and need of children to play in contact with nature. To this end (and taking advantage

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Give me a book, open paths!

BOOK-RAISING CAMPAIGN The new school year is starting and our children from Minilares Bomfim do not yet have all the bookof tokens they need to study. Collaborate with us by donating a book and give these children the opportunity to study with all the tools they deserve! The Bomfim Foundation

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Thank you, New Dimension Association (AND)

  The New Dimension Association (AND), whose mission is ” Change theworld, one heart at a time“, presented our children and young people from minilares Bomfim with several school backpacks. Loaded with pencils, glues, scissors, notebooks, cases, markers and crayons… these backpacks also bring us the friendship and generosity of

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Are you going to an Offley Harbor?

  Taking advantage of the good weather that invites activities abroad, our seniors went to the city of Porto, to visit the Caves of Port Offley. Without a doubt, a visit very sweet where we celebrate life and friendship!         To you, who accompanies us!  

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The Holidays of Our Seniors

  When the sunny days warmed up and the thermometers were on the ground that it wouldn’t go down, our seniors gave the routine time off to cool off by the sea. With the support of the National Institute for Rehabilitation – INR, I.P., they traveled to Apulia where they

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Hands in the dough!

Yesterday our seniors of the Day Center enjoyed a special snack in the company of eight students of the Cooking course, the Commercial Association of Braga. Regarding this visit, students and some seniors got their hands dirty and had the opportunity to jointly cook some snacks for the moment to

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On the paths of Bracara Augusta

For these days in the city revived the past in the “Roman Braga”, where all the paths will lead to Rome!… And our seniors could not fail to participate in the daily life of bracara Augusta’s time. Not being gladiators who fight for life, fire artists or jugglers… they enchanted

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Other ways to support


With your donation you will be strengthening hearts and multiplying the smiles of those we care for!