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Minilares Bomfim Acampamentos de Verão 2022 Campanha Contribuir Fundação Bomfim Braga


Offer joy this summer

Every year, our children and young people from the Bomfim Foster Homes look forward to going to summer camps!

If you would like to contribute to the participation of one of these children, make a donation to IBAN: PT50.0036.0101.99100050984.83 Our children thank you with a huge smile! 😀 Thank you very much.

Bomfim Foster Homes, specially designed to welcome siblings, are two small residential units for the care of children and young people who, being at risk, were temporarily separated from their families. In each of these homes we receive and care for 8 to 10 children or young people. Bomfim Foster Homes claim to be Houses of Affection and (Re)Construction of lives, where every child and young person finds stability, security and the answer to their fundamental rights. In each Bomfim Home lives a large family.

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Minilares Bomfim Summer Camps 2021 Campaign Contribute Foundation Bomfim Braga

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With your donation you will be strengthening hearts and multiplying the smiles of those we care for!