Bomfim Foundation partner in scientific study “Getting the aging brain to train: a working memory and neurostimulation approach”


The Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology of the School of Psychology, University of Minho, is developing the project “Getting the aging brain to train: a working memory and neurostimulation approach” in partnership with the Bomfim Foundation.


The main objective of this project is to explore the contributions of cognitive stimulation in healthy aging, by evaluating the effect of computerized training associated with neurostimulation in elderly adults.


Scientific literature has shown that the training of a cognitive ability called operative memory can bring improvements to cognitive performance in old age. Working memory is a system responsible for retaining, manipulating, and retrieving information while performing a task. For example, when we do a mathematical account mentally, it is the working memory that allows us to keep the numbers in mind while performing the operation and producing a response to the calculation.

Additionally, there are studies that show that noninvasive neuromodulation techniques, namely ETCC – Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation – can improve cognitive performance in various tasks. In ETCC a low-intensity direct electric current is applied to the cerebral cortex from two small electrodes placed on the scalp, in order to increase or reduce brain electrical activity. This technique is painless and safe, having been widely studied in recent years in clinical and healthy populations.

In conclusion, the aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of cognitive training associated with ETCC in healthy elderly.
Through this partnership, the Bomfim Foundation is contributing to the boost of scientific knowledge in the field of aging!