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Get to know a little bit about our history. “It was with the teaching of music that the Bomfim Foundation was born 25 years ago. Today it is an IPSS and one of the reference institutions of the municipality in the areas of Education and Social Solidarity.” Click here to

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“Discrimination is Lack of Education”

Today is the International Day of The Gypsy and the Bomfim Foundation is associated in the dissemination of the Campaign “Discrimination is Lack of Education”, promoted by EAPN Portugal /European Network Against Poverty, and aims to demystify a plural – “the Gypsies” – supposedly representative of a collective entity only

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Another activity of The Ageing Well III

On March 30, another activity of the Well Aging III Project took place in Vila Verde. Another memorable day for our Seniors, among lots of Dance, Games and Karaoke at the Vila Verde Music Academy. Our thanks to the Social and Parish Center of Cervães for the excellent organization and

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Mirror my… Mirror my…

Fortnightly, Alice and Alexandra Volunteers care for and pamper our Seniors, provide them with some beauty care – Manicure and Pedicure – and many moments of pure relaxedness! By taking care of the personal beauty of our Seniors, we take care of your health.  

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Spring Grocery

Who doesn’t love Chocolate Lollipops and Cookie Lollipops? and the colorful Gomas homemade … The delicious Bolachinhas de Canela and Bolachinhas de Limão ! Um… the Black Chocolate Candies … What about the stuffed Chocolate Baskets with Almonds? You can find these and other delights at the Mercadinho da Primavera

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Guimarães Happened

We’ve been in our memory for days! And to remember the visit to the city of Guimarães, here is the testimony of Pedro Gaspar, user of the Day Center. Guimarães Happened Spectacular Exciting Splendid Fascinating Fantastic Landscape With these words I will write… on this route… a brush board! Visually….

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Week of Affections

The Bomfim College was filled with colorful and creative hearts prepared by parents and children. In the air you breathe an environment of affection, gratitude and many… many Miminhos! If you haven’t noticed, stop! Look around you. Enjoy… and share Affections!

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