Hands in the dough!

Yesterday our seniors of the Day Center enjoyed a special snack in the company of eight students of the Cooking course, the Commercial Association of Braga. Regarding this visit, students and some seniors got their hands dirty and had the opportunity to jointly cook some snacks for the moment to

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On the paths of Bracara Augusta

For these days in the city revived the past in the “Roman Braga”, where all the paths will lead to Rome!… And our seniors could not fail to participate in the daily life of bracara Augusta’s time. Not being gladiators who fight for life, fire artists or jugglers… they enchanted

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Seniors Bomfim in Barcelos

On April 27th, our seniors participated in another itinerary of activities of the Project Bem Envelhecer III dEAPN Portugal, this time organized by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Barcelos. A busy day that began with a mega Zumba class, followed by a Live Concert and ended with a relaxing tour

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Today is a special day that we are preparing with great affection! The boys and girls look forward to the arrival of the Moms, while finishing some surprises that have prepared for you! We’re waiting for you 🙂      

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